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Ridge of Haralanharju
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Haralanvuori, or Haralanharju, located in Suinula, northern Kangasala, is a rocky hill despite its second name. Haralanharju has its own role in the development of Finnish national romanticism.

Kangasala is a municipality in Finland, next to Tampere. Kangasala is famous for its natural beauty and many ridges.

Zacharias Topelius (1818–1898) visited lieutenant-colonel Aminoff's farm near Haralanvuori (1853) with his acquaintance, Lotta Lindqvist. Topelius became fond with the views from the "Harjula's ridge" and wrote the famous poem "A Summer's Day in Kangasala" . Later Gabriel Linsén composed a melody for the poem. From 1995 that melody has been the provincial hymn of Pirkanmaa region. The song is one of the most widely known Finnish songs.

Zacharias Topelius (1818 – 1898) was a Finland-Swedish journalist, historian and author and later a rector of the Helsinki University. He wrote Finnish historical novels in Swedish. His writings, plays, poems and historical novels became national property.

At Haralanharju, there has been a sightseeing tower during years 1932-2007. This tower was burned down by a local pyromaniac at January 2007. So now there are only ashes on this hill where the over 70 year old wooden sightseeing tower used to stand. Suinulan Nuorisoseura ry, a local people's association, are going to build a new tower.

Building work for the current tower began 2008 and early summer 2009 saw the opening ceremony. The tower is open all year round.

Trees at Haralanharju

An old pine tree at Haralanharju